Friday, January 26, 2018

New home for the GOAL Post

So, for while my friend Ray Carter was posting the GOAL Post here.

Shortly before he passed he contacted me about taking it over for him, but the conversation never went beyond my saying "sure", and I didn't know who to contact after.

Obviously someone has picked up the task.

Which is great, as I sit here, getting ready for work and wondering if there'll be GOAL Post this week, post-SHOT Show: If one does come out, someone will post it before I do.

Need to add that link to the sidebar.

(Also, they need to update things like "2016 Legislative calendar"...)

(Also also, it's NOT a "new" home, Ray, or someone, was posting there years ago. I didn't know.  It's a big Internet, after all...
(Which is what I tell myself when pondering what I would have to do to get a significant fraction of, say, Tamara's readership...)

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