Saturday, April 14, 2018

Interesting, re: Syria Strikes

The Aviationist » Everything We Know (And No One Has Said So Far) About The First Waves Of Air Strikes On Syria.

Basically, a rundown on the aerial order of battle, assembled from Open Sources (AKA OSINT, Open Source Intelligence.)

Don't read the comments, unless you feel an urge to do verbal battle with Putin's minions.

Also: The Aviationist » Russia Claims 71 Out Of 105 Cruise Missiles Downed In Yesteday’s Air Strikes. None Were Shot Down According to The US.

In which, note the following sentence:
If Syrian air defense units were ineffective in stopping U.S. cruise missiles, and most information now points to that outcome (actually, it looks like the Syrians fired their missiles after the last missile had hit), this represents a significant blow to the Assad regime and to Russia’s ability to assist in an effective air defense in the region.
(Emphasis added.)

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