Sunday, September 13, 2020


 Here's what the sun looked like at about 4:30 PM yesterday:

©2020 D.W. Drang and The Cluemeter

And here's what the view down my street looked like this morning:

©2020 D.W. Drang and The Cluemeter

And there's still a school in here somewhere:
©2020 D.W. Drang and The Cluemeter

Looks like fog, but it's not moist. There's a little condensation on Mrs. Drang's car, which hasn't been driven since Friday, but none on mine.

Supposedly will rain tomorrow night or Tuesday, which will help to suppress this, but may cause other problems.  There's not as much ash in this as there has been in past similar events. In 2017 when I left to work Hurricane Harvey (which turned into working Irma, but never mind that now) we were getting actual ash.


Old NFO said...

Still enough to screw up people with breathing problems!

Drang said...

Still at "Very Unhealthy to Hazardous" levels pretty much everywhere in the state under 5000 feet elevation.
The promised rain was barely noticeable; now we're stuck in this huge smoker i=until (probably) Thursday.