Tuesday, November 10, 2020


UPDATE: As of 1900 hours PST L's Twitter account @SomeBitchIKnow has been suspended for "violating the Twitter rules." Apparently, her quip about "Rumors of my death should be regarded as suspicious unless they involve a jet ski" were a cry for help.

 "L", (Twitter user @SomeBitchIKnow; homepage here. Her internet handle is some variation on that across platforms) has done some digging and learned that there was a concerted, organized effort across the nation to harvest votes by casting fraudulent second ballots in the maiden name of married women.

#MaidenGate is a viral hashtag uncovering a peculiar type of abuse in our elections. Some married women vote in one state, under their current name, while someone—a political predator—casts a vote in that same state or a state which the woman previously lived under a previous or maiden name. 

This same technique may affect adopted persons, the divorced, people who changed their names and/or transgendered persons. 

Here is L's #MaidenGate page. That page goes to a list of how to check your voter registration and ballot status in every state. (Note: Link is set to open in a new window. I am currently using the Brave browser, which does not like this page; it hangs up, and "runs out of memory." Works in Chrome, though.)

All those calls and texts Mrs. Drang was getting to check if  she was voting...? (By the way. the joke was on them: She is registered to vote under her maiden name...)

You can also use these to check voting status if you have moved a lot, but 

We are not looking for individuals who have registrations in multiple states. That’s a problem but not this problem. We are not even looking for individuals who are registered multiple times in the same state. Again, a problem but not the scope of this problem. We are looking for individuals who voted in this election (or chose not to) but also had another vote cast in a previous legal name of theirs at an address they previously occupied.

For this specific issue, if you determine that you have(or someone you know has) been a victim:

  ➡ What you must provide in order to file a complaint:

  • Screenshot proof of where you currently are registered to vote and did you vote in this election
  • Screenshot proof of your identity (be it under your name or a past name) registration in a place you no longer reside; and that a ballot was cast.
  • You may be asked for a copy of your current identification or driver’s license 

If you are able to provide this evidence, you’ll be asked to sign an affidavit, under penalty of perjury, attesting that you believe someone committed a crime against you and that you, yourself, did not commit this voter fraud


Please, email stopthesteal@protonmail.com 



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