Thursday, January 7, 2021

News of the Obscure

 Just deleted my Twitter account.

Stopped using Facebook long ago, and the only reason I don't ditch Blogger is that I'm not quite ready to completely give up the blog, but the alternatives I know of all are all for pay. I see no reason to shell out $$$ for a non-monetized blog as, well, obscure as this one. (Or even ¢¢¢.)

Unfortunately, if you want a smart phone these days, you options are to get involved with one of two evil Commifornia Big Tech outfits. 

Somebody -- Kevin Baker at Gun Blogger Rendezvous, maybe -- had a t-shirt that was lamenting to the effect of having been a science fiction fan all his life, and getting the dark dystopian future of his teen aged years.

Heinlein's Crazy Years aren't even fully launched yet, and I'm already tired of them.


Carl "Bear" Bussjaeger said...

Heinlein was an optimist.

Drang said...

The only thing optimistic about I Will Fear No Evil was emigrating to Luna City. And flying cars.
Granted, even Heinlein preferred to forget he wrote that. (I am told the exact quote when he re-read it after the operation was along the lines of "I was sicker than I thought!")

LibertyNews said...

"Despair is a Sin" - J. Pournelle

Drang said...

It's not despair, unless you think I'm going to Hell because I gave up on Twitter.

DaddyBear said...

Haven't been to twitter for a very long time. It was like wandering into an unfriendly bar that never got fun. Dropped Facebook after a bunch of my private posts and messages got flagged for hate speech, going back several years. To be blunt, either someone in my list of 'friends' was combing my stuff looking for anything in my semi-funny stuff to have a snit over, or I was being set up by a mod-bot for an eventual boot.

Been on Mewe regularly for the past few months. Experimented with Reddit, but it was a time suck that had little positive payback, so I dropped it.

Left Blogger for WordPress a few years back, and have been happy. Considering leaving, though. They've booted a few folks over ideology, and that doesn't sit well.

Drang said...

The only think I miss about Twitter is Dave "Iowahawk" Burges #DavesCarIDService.