Monday, June 20, 2022

Stack 'em deep (Updates 2)


High Standard-capacity ammo magazines will be banned in Washington state starting July 1

By Associated Press - Monday, June 20, 2022

EVERETT, Wash. — Starting July 1, the sale of ammunition magazines with more than 10 rounds will be banned in Washington state. Importing, manufacturing and distributing them will be outlawed, too.

The only magazines allowed for sale and importing will be those with a maximum capacity of 10 cartridges under a measure pushed through by Democrats and signed by Gov. Jay Inslee earlier this year, the Everett Herald reported.

Washington residents can continue buying larger magazines until the law takes effect. Any owned as of July 1 are unaffected by the law.

The Second Amendment Foundation and other gun rights organizations filed a federal lawsuit this month claiming the new law violates constitutional protections under the Second and Fourteenth amendments. They’ve sought to block the law with an injunction but no hearing had been set as of Friday.

Yes, I made an editorial correction to the title of the article.  

In the meantime, here are a couple of sources to help:

  • Brownell's Mag Dump for WA. $2.00 from the sale of each of these mags will go to fund the second Amendment Foundation's legal challenge to this ban.
  • Aero Precision 2AF Standard Capacity mags. "The net proceeds from each of these magazines sold will go directly to the Second Amendment Foundation to help fund legal action to defeat this unconstitutional bill."
UPDATE: The 98-double-ought-3 fishwrap ran an article about this, that not only quoted Dave Workman and Alan Gottlieb, but the web article LINKED to the Aero Precision mag sale above!
UPDATE 2: Rainier Arms is advertising free ground shipping on mags shipped to Washington State. (Which is great if you live more than 20 minutes from the sales store, unlike me...) (Then again, with the price of gasoline... )

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