Saturday, January 7, 2023

Trouble in the 98-Double-Ought-3

 My friendly neighborhood gun store, Federal Way Discount Guns, is in the news for defying  Washingtons ban on standard capacity magazines. 

Federal Way Discount Guns faces lawsuit for illegally selling high-capacity gun magazines

On the store’s Instagram account, the company wrote on Dec. 7: “We are in the crosshairs of the WA AG. We will fight this until the end and are going to need your support in doing so. Business will continue as usual. We are committed to serving the people of this state and nation, NOT the state.”
I love this bit:
The Federal Way gun store also houses an indoor shooting range, which is used by the Federal Way Police Department for training. Department officials told the Mirror in Dec. 2022 that the department will continue to train at the site.

“The fact that the indoor range is within the city limits enhances our operational readiness by keeping officers in the city and available for calls for service, while greatly reducing the travel expenses incurred for firearms training outside the city,” said Cmdr. Kurt Schwan of Federal Way Police. “We utilize the facilities throughout the year for department-wide training, one on one training with an instructor, and individual firearms practice.”

If you watched Top Shot you saw Commandeer Schwan on, IIRC, Season 3. 

Another local store, WGS in Tacoma, got similar charges, but blamed  a new employee and settled. So I wont be visiting them any time soon...

When Joe Waldron, who used to do the GOAL Posts that I used to transcribe here, was asked about legal challenges to some gun control laws, he used to ask in reply "Are you volunteering to be the test case?" The point being that sometimes you need someone with standing to make the legal challenge. 

Now, a legal challenge has already been filed, and put on hold pending the results of similar cases on the least coast. (Trial date set for Washington’s ban on high-capacity gun magazine sales.)

And now we have a name and a face to attach to the case.

At the amateur radio club's meeting last month I asked a fellow member, whom I know frequents the weekly matches there, if there was a Mo Defense Fund yet. 

There is now:
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Old NFO said...

Damn... This is getting ridiculous!!! Hope they can pull it off. I'll see what I can throw that way.