Monday, November 22, 2010

Who ordered this?!

Got home from work to discover that Mrs. Drang, prudently, had not let the Fur Persons out.

Ratbane was out and in the tree line before I knew it, Sparrowbane was a little more tentative about it. OTOH, Ratbane was also inside before I could steady the camera to get a pic of him, so I guess he's getting a little more reconciled to this whole domestic life thing. Sparrowbane, as you can see, was checking to see if snow is as cold and wet at the treeline as it is on the porch.  Then he sort of teleported inside...  (I know what it looks like.   No, he was not marking the tree, he was bracing himself for the mad dash to come...)

The Princess has not gone near a door since I got home.

The Seattle Times, which I rarely tire of teasing, has several potentially useful items on their site today:
 The home page is here: The Seattle Times
Most, if not all, of the local municipalities have reduced services--schools, parks--due to the weather, but have also opened shelters.  If you can read this, check the city's web site.

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