Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Dinga Dinga Dee!

I had heard about this "music video" put together by Israeli Defense manufacturer Rafael to entice the Indians to Buy Israeli, but hadn't seen it, until now, courtesy of BlackFive:

Apparently, in some quarters, it is seen as being somehow tref. Due to my embracing multi-culturalism, and some free tickets Mrs. Drang scored to Salaam Bombay! a couple of years ago, I know that it is actually a pretty fair "Bollywood" musical number, complete with nonsense refrain. ("Dinga Dinga Dee!", which Firefox's spell checker does not question...)

I mean, considering the way His Imperial Majesty and His Foreign Minister are sucking up to all the bad guys in the world, it makes sense for the Israelis and the Indians to get cozy.

I just think they should have danced around a Mrkva, and that the guy in the leather should have danced with a bottle on his head...

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