Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Donny Baseball hits one outta the park

OK, so the title is more than a little obvious. His is better:
We Must Defeat the Entrenchocrats of Incumbistan...Anything Else Is Just Gridlock:
November of 2010 is shaping up to be the most massive restoration project that liberty-loving citizens of this country have undertaken in our history. We have let our liberty leak away for decades at the hands of mediocrities and run-of-the-mill politicians of both parties, and from 2006 through 2008 we handed the full reins of our government to outright socialists (of course they don't call themselves that, but that is what they are) and the result has been galloping government spending that will bankrupt the nation, the full usurpation of whole sectors of the economy, the trampling of private property rights and the rule of law, and the weakening of our defenses. All of this will ensure America's decline and a lower standard of living for our children, if it is not reversed. Decline is not inevitable, it is a choice, and we have chosen it. We must now choose to go back, to repudiate our recent choices.

Sir Lawrence himself highlighted an encouraging development in this regard. By all accounts, Republicans stand a good chance of making gains and even taking one or both houses of Congress in November. That is, well, OK news as far as it goes. What is decidedly better news is the type of Republicans that could very well lead this retaking of the government. Sir Lawrence pointed out last night in a great segment that many of the Republican candidates that are competing in November are not career politicians - they are drawn from outside of government, from the military, from the business world. This is precisely what the Republican Party needs, more regular people, more people coming out of private life to supplant the careerist bozos that have destroyed the Reaganite base. (N.B. It is actually happening on both sides, but only ever so faintly on the Dem side) We've needed this type of insurgency for years, but rather than over-turning the establishment, this insurgency will link up with insurgents on the inside and augment positive changes already taking place within the establishment. The right guys (and gals) are becoming the new faces of the party - Pence, Coburn, Ryan, Bachmann, DeMint. I have long lamented on this blog that the Republican Party leadership consists of the wrong type of Republicans. Just a few short years ago Tom Coburn and Paul Ryan were considered troublemakers within the party establishment and kept on the back benches. Today, those two fellows are the leading faces of the Republicans in their respective chambers. These guys need principled allies. So, fielding the right team is critical.
(Emphasis added.) Go RTWT.

I do not, have never, considered myself a Republican, for all that I usually wind up voting for the GOP candidate. I confess to being heartened by the CV's of the GOP candidates I posted about yesterday, few of whom are career politicians.

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