Monday, March 29, 2010

Recycle Congress in 2010!

Saw that on a sign in a photograph from a tea party in St. Louis.

Washington Patriot Hub has some info about who's running for which congressional seat in Washington state this autumn.  They've been vetting the candidates, but have not posted the results; they intend to post all results for all candidates at the same time.  Seems fair.

Candidates for US Senate:
All are Republicans except for the incumbent, Patty Murray.
UPDATE:  In what some describe as "The shoe finally dropping", Dino Rossi has declared for US Senate.
Art Coday has dropped out of the Senate race, declared for Rossi, and declared that he will run for State Representative in the 32d Legislative District.

House Races
District 1:
District 2
  • John Koster (R)
  • Rick Larsen (D, Incumbent)  Larsen is about the only Democratic politician I know who, when confronted by a massive "Tea Party" turnout for a town hall meeting, responded by securing a large enough venue to accommodate the whole crowd.  He made an effort to give everyone present a chance to be heard, and to answer the questions honestly.  He still voted for Obamacare, but he gets points for listening, and not being intimidated.
District 3 (Incumbent Brian Baird has announced his "retirement.")
 District 4
District 5
  • Cathy McMorris Rodgers (R)  Incumbent.  Apparently running unopposed, so far.  You may have seen her, she gave the Republican response to some drivel His imperial Majesty spewed...
District 6
  • Norm Dicks (D)  Incumbent, also apparently running unopposed.  I look forward to reporting, and supporting, any opposition he may have.
District 7
  • "Baghdad Jim" McDermott.  (D), Incumbent, running unopposed because they can't find anyone in Seattle who can spell "GOP."
District 8
  • Suzan Delbene (D)  Suzan with a zee...
  • Dave Reichert (R) Incumbent, former King County Sheriff, of "Green River Killer" fame.  A+ on gun issues, very popular, but is still catching flak for supporting Crap and Tax...
District 9
  • Dick Muri (R)
  • James Postma (R)
  • Adam Smith (D) Incumbent.  Rated a B on gun issues by NRA.  Helped me get the Army to unscrew my retirement pay, which they had all jacked up.  But has voted for every socialist scheme that the Obama/Pelosi/Reid Axis of Evil has vomited forth.
There may be other candidates; if so, I will update this as I learn of them.  I'll try to cover state races in another post.

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