Thursday, April 1, 2010

I want my money back...

...because I am clearly not getting very effective representation in Olympia.

If any.

My State Senator,  Karen Keiser, D-NannyState, lurrrrves her some nationalsocialization of health care.  She loves it so much she is working with the White House to see to it that Washington will be able to nationalsocialize it before the rest of the country.  Oh, look, we will be able to expand Medicare before 2014!

How bad is the state deficit again?  How far along are you clowns on a new budget?  Which consists entirely of raising taxes, instead of cutting programs?

And, of course, she hates the fact that the State AG is joining other Constitutionally-minded states in suing over nationalsocialization of health care.  Although she would probably murmur something about "hate is such a strong word..."  And I am so glad to know that Washington State was "instrumental... in the creation of the federal legislation"

To everyone else everywhere else, I'm sorry. 

For falling for, and posting, what follows, I plead a very long day. sigh.
The latest proof comes courtesy of Sound Politics, in which post Stefan Sharkansky reveals that  my
very own State Legiscritter, Karen Keiser feels that
health care reform will provide millions of dollars in new health care funding for the people of Washington. But the state still has an obligation to fund health care. And we're just not going to be able to fund as much as we like, given the limits of our ability to raise taxes in this economy. So with that, we're all going to have to come together as a state and help each other lead healthier lifestyles and reduce our collective health expenses."
And Keiser's idea of "helping each other lead healthier lifestyles" means -- "nudging" people sitting comfortably in their living rooms to get up and take frequent stretch breaks. As in her amendment to the Basic Health Plan budget requires, get this, that
All new armchairs and sofas with cushions of three inches of thickness or greater, sold at retail in the state of Washington after 2015 shall be equipped with timers that emit an audible alarm at intervals of not more than twenty minutes.
The requirement will not apply to dining room style chairs, office chairs, or "sofa-beds when configured for sleeping".

And between now and 2015, there will be an extra excise tax of 5% on the sale of all new couches and comfy chairs that are not fitted with the special alarms.
 Yessir, another congresscritter proves that Government is Stranger than April Fools' Day...

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