Thursday, April 1, 2010


My suggestion for a new motto for the US Navy:  What Would Decatur Do?

"Suspected pirates nabbed after skirmish with U.S. Navy ship"

"Nabbed", hell, deep six 'em!  I'm certainly no expert on admiralty law, but I'm pretty sure it's still legal, let alone customary, to hang pirates from the highest yardarm.

Making them swim home at least gives them a sporting chance...

h/t OPFOR.

Edited to add:

From Rantberg:  GOOD!
2 pirates beaten to death, 7 hurt

[Bangla Daily Star] Locals severely beat up nine pirates, killing two on the spot, when they were attempting to loot a boat in a remote char area on the river Jamuna in Daulatpur upazila of Manikganj yesterday.

Police rescued and arrested seven pirates in a critically injured state. The dead or injured robbers could not be identified immediately.

Police also retrieved several machetes and locally made weapons to be used by the pirates.

Shawkat Hossain, officer-in-charge of Daulatpur Police Station, said 20 to 25 cattle traders on an engine boat were heading towards a cattle market at Bera in Pabna to buy cows.

When they reached Board Bazar area around 9:00am, a gang of 15 to 20 pirates attacked them.

However, when faced by fierce resistance from the traders and other passengers, the pirates threw their weapons in the river and attempted to flee with their motorboat.

Locals caught nine fleeing pirates and beat them mercilessly, leaving two dead on the spot.

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