Sunday, May 9, 2010

"No fly lists"

David Hardy on No fly lists:
With regard proposals to turn persons listed on terrorism watch lists into prohibited possessors, this story is but one of many:

'There are about one million names on the combined government watch list for airline travelers, according to the Public Education Center, a Washington DC-based non-profit group that tracks airline security. However, the problem is that even the government admits that most of those people shouldn't be on the list.

Unfortunately for investigative reporter Ana Garcia, she is one in a million, and has been on this list for several years, and can't get removed. Whether it's at the curb, online or at the kiosk, problems checking-in persist for Garcia and many other Americans who have been erroneously placed on the watch list.

'A list full of mistakes,' Joe Trento of the Public Education Center said of the government watch list.'
But, hey! If it gets Bloomie his ban on personal ownership of firearms, what's a Constitutional Right or two?

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