Sunday, May 9, 2010

Say What?!

Turk reports: Holder: Fourth Amendment May Have To Be "Modified" To Fight Terrorism:

WaPo reports.

Silly me! I thought that Holder took an oath to protect the Constitution, not dismantle it.

Contrast Holder's ideas about the rights of men like Shahzad, who is an American citizen, with the way the Administration wants to protect the rights of illegal immigrants, who are not citizens. It seems as though non-citizens will soon have more rights than U.S. citizens, in their own country!

There's no reason to panic and defenestrate the Constitution because of a bomber.
So, we coddle illegal aliens, we stumble over ourselves to grant non-citizen terrorists show trials, and then we "modify" Constitutional rights for US Citizens because they're involved in "man-made disasters"?!

To quote Glenn Reynolds, "They told me if I voted for John McCain..." (ADDED: I had not read this when I wrote that...)

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