Saturday, May 1, 2010

Project Gutenberg

While waiting for Mrs. Drang to return from her morning foray, I chanced upon LawDog's about digital copy machines which record your work, which led me to review other folks' comments to his post yesterday about the work of S.M. Sterling, which comment stream I attempted to highjack in favor of author Talbot Mundy, whom LawDog mentioned in his post.

In researching whether any of the Tros of Samothrace books are available in new editions, dead tree or electronic--only if you have a Kindle, damn it*!--led me to Project Gutenberg.  (Which I've actually known about for quite a while, and have been using for just as long.)

They've really spiffied up their interface, and are making the open-source documents available in other formats than the usual .txt and occasional .pdf.  Including, ah-hah!, various formats for mobile ebook readers, and even cell phones.
*I also found several discussions about how to convert from Kindle format to something more accessible.  Oy, vey! Not a programmer...

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