Tuesday, July 20, 2010

"What's on your nightstand?"

So far as I know, Brigid started it, although I don't think she intended it to be a meme.

  • 2 back numbers of QST Magazine and the 2008 ARRL Handbook. (Time to upgrade...)
  • Bruce Lancaster's Guns of Burgoyne, in which a Hessian artillery Lieutenant falls afoul of a not-yet-treasonous Benedict Arnold
  • Neil Stephenson's Anathem
  • McLemore's The Fighting Tomahawk
  • The American Handgunner Spring/Summer 2010 Personal Defense Annual (I just picked up the Fall/Winter edition today.)
  • Lords of the Sea, by John Hale.  A naval history of ancient Athens, with a weather eye (heh) towards the relationship between the culture of the rowing frame, as it were, and the development of democracy in Athens.
I won't list all the titles (or titles, or titles, or titles, or titles) loaded in my Sony ebook reader...  (Did I mention that Tros of Samothrace is available?)

Note that this is a list of what books are on my nightstand; Mrs. Drang has a library of her own...  (Not to mention that we both have an assortment of flashlights and various devices with which to repel boarders...)

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