Wednesday, July 21, 2010

"Pelican Cases for the wounded--Very Cool."

From Chuck:
Pelican Cases for the wounded--Very Cool.:
Dear Warriors,
Free Pelican case for OIF/OEF amputees!

Pelican is offering a Protector Case to the men and women who have sacrificed greatly while protecting the freedoms we hold dear. Perhaps you have seen our cases on the battlefield and are familiar with their durability and protective capabilities. The Protector Case is designed to protect and transport your valuable prosthetics, and to serve as a small gesture of our tremendous gratitude and deepest respect.

To receive your free case through the Pelican for Patriots program, please complete the form included and fax it to your nearest Pelican-Hardigg Case Center, or order online at

Check out WWP Connect, an exclusive social network for warriors and caregivers!

Ed: WWP is a very cool project, which has been helping troops since OIF kicked off. They were one of the lead agencies in championing the Traumatic Serviceman's Group Life Insurance, as well as helping Wounded Warriors navigate through the Military and VA bureaucracies.


I'm sure I'm not the only one who never thought about carrying cases for prosthetics, but, yeah, this is cool. I can't think offhand of any brand I'd rather have that sort of thing in than Pelican.

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Pelican Cases said...

This sounds like a really cool program. Those guys deserve so much more than that, but at least its something.