Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Is this what an Instalanche feels like? 

So, just to fill in any blanks I may have left*, the dive mask-with-digital-camera/camcorder Mrs. Drang is brand named Liquid Image, Explorer Series 5.1 megapixel.  This particular model is rated to fifteen feet, and only comes in "mid-size"; I had trouble with the prescription mask the guide service (Sea Quest, highly recommended)  gave me, as I chose one too small.  (I was focused on the optical prescription...)

The lights we got are not the light shown on the website; similar, but not the same.  Take AAAs, not CR123s, for one thing.

I'll review and post more video after I get home from the Salt Mines this afternoon.  Right now I have to convince the cats--redeemed from Kitty Jail yesterday--that Dad has to go earn the money for noms...

*Here, here, or in the email reproduced at Instapundit linked above.

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DirtCrashr said...

Captain Cook's was pretty awesome I thought.