Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Check those NOTAM*s!

Sigh. KOMO 4 News:  F-15s responding to air space breach trigger sonic booms
SEATTLE -- Two F-15 fighter jets rushing from Portland triggered two sonic booms that were heard across a wide swath of the Puget Sound region, fraying nerves and knocking out 911 service to parts of Pierce County for about an hour.
The jets were responding to a float plane that had entered restricted presidential air space over Western Washington, the FAA reported.
Didn't hear the boom in the Salt Mines, but evidently my co-workers and I are about the only folks in western Washington who didn't.

Mrs. Drang said she was a bit puzzled at first, as all she could see was a float plane coming inn for a landing...

h/t AR15.com Washington Hometown Forum, which also gives the Lightbringer his newest nickname:
*NOTAM defined.

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Transit Glenn said...

I just thought it was Fort Lewis shelling again. Sounded not quite right.