Sunday, August 15, 2010

On this day in history (updated 08/15/2010)

...Japan surrendered to the Allies, ending World War II.(Victory over Japan Day - Wikipedia.)

Sixty-five years later, we are inundated with reports of children who don't know who was on our side in that war, who we fought, or why.

Some would have you believe that we were, and/or are, as bad as any of our enemies then, that some of the extreme measures we have (sparingly, reluctantly) used in conflicts before or since somehow equate to 12 millions dead in Hitler's ovens or gas chambers, to the Rape of Nanking, to mass sexual slavery ("comfort women"!), the hideous experiments of Unit 731...

Some will tell you that it was all a horrible mistake, a misunderstanding, that if we'd only tried a little harder to understand those foreign cultures, we'd have seen that they were just poor, misunderstood orphans who never meant anyone any harm...


There is evil in the world, and the good have a moral obligation to oppose it.  It would sure be swell if it was enough to oppose Evil by simply being Good.  Alas, that is not enough, and sometimes The Good, especially when there are millions on that side, do Bad things.

Sure would have been nice if we could have successfully opposed Hitler and Imperialist Japan by simply thinking nice thoughts.  Unfortunately, it was necessary to kill people, to blow things up, and to ally ourselves with Stalin, who was only ever an honorary Good Guy anyway, because of that whole "Enemy of my enemy" thing.

Those who fought that war--including those who worked in the mines, the factories, the fields and the mills--deserve our thanks and our respect.

As do those who Fought the Good Fight before, and since, including the one being fought now.

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