Thursday, September 23, 2010

Here we go again: DISCLOSEure edition

Amazxing how, after making two posts about Recommended Reading on Commies, and another on Billionaire Bolshevik Georg Soros, I get the following from Liberty Belle:
Killing free speech...
Just in time for the elections
Harry Reid is trying to shove through ANOTHER bill that has nothing to do with jobs or the economy. He is attempting to force the DISCLOSE Act through once more, hoping that this time he can convince one more Senator to say yes. As a reminder, the DISCLOSE Act:
  • Exempts unions from many of the restrictions that would be placed on other groups who are trying to influence elections
  • Exempts extremely large groups that have existed for years and years from many of the restrictions that would be placed on newly formed groups such as ours
  • Would be implemented in time for this November's elections, just in time to help incumbents stay in power
  • Creates two tiers of freedom of speech, particularly political speech - some of us would be restricted while others will not be
Is it a coincidence that Harry Reid is attempting to shove this down our throats just two days after Tea Party Patriots announces the $1 million donation? Is it also a coincidence that the Democrats are waiting to vote on the DISCLOSE Act until after they attend a high-dollar fundraiser tonight?

You decide.

Please call, email, or fax the following Senators and ask them to hold the line and vote NO once more. Remind them of the facts above, and remind them that Harry Reid has not changed one thing in the bill so there is NO JUSTIFICATION for them to change their votes to yes. Remind them that even the left leaning ACLU opposes this bill saying it will compromise free speech. The vote is supposed to take place sometime on Thursday, September 23.


Scott Brown (R-MA) - He voted NO before, but we want to make sure he doesn't switch his vote
Washington DC: (T) (202) 224-4543, (F) (202) 228-2646

Olympia Snowe (R-ME) - She voted NO before, but is one of Harry Reid's targets for switching
Washington DC: (T) (202) 224-5344, Toll free (800) 432-1599, (F) (202) 224-1946

Susan Collins (R-ME) - She voted NO before, but is one of Harry Reid's targets for switching
Washington DC: (T) (202) 224-2523, (F) (202) 224-2693


Article from Heritage Foundation:
Article from
Press Release from Sen. McConnell:
Article from SFGate:

A few ways this will affect you and your group personally:
  • You will have to be extremely careful about any email alerts you send out regarding what you say, if you mention a candidate's name, and when you send it
  • You may have to disclose all of your donors' names to the FEC
  • You will have to make sure you are following the "stand by your ad" requirements if your group published any sort political communication
  • Again, you will have to be very careful about the timing of your advocacy communications as they will limit the timeframe that you are allowed political speech

In Liberty,

Liberty Belle
Please, please, please, Nevada, shove Hapless Harry Reid back under whatever rock he crawled out from under.

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