Thursday, September 23, 2010

Despicable Fascists In The News...

In references to my 7 September post "I already despised the sonuvabitch...", thanks to Professor Reynolds We Now Know that Billionaire Bolshevik George Soros' lawyers are buying Canadian judges to prevent Canadians learning just how despicable he really is:  George Soros’ 8 Most Despicable Acts (UPDATED AFTER THREAT BY SOROS’ LAWYERS) | NewsReal Blog
Everyone’s favorite “progressive” billionaire George Soros has been stomping all over us up here in the Not-So-Great White North this week. Even if you’ve followed the Soros saga for years, you’ll be forgiven for being a tiny bit shocked that his generously funded attack dogs are now going so far as trying to shut down a TV channel that hasn’t even aired yet — in a foreign country, no less.
Interestingly Disturbingly, chillingly, enough, part of what Soros' stooges is the editorial I quoted in my last post on this piece of filth, the one which cited the 60 Minutes interview about how he made his first fortune by selling out his fellow Jews to the Nazis.

It is pretty clear that Canada is on it's way to dumping it's Long Gun Registration Law, but that still does not give Canadian citizens subjects anything resembling our Second Amendment.

Nor, as other recent events have proven, do they have any thing like our First Amendment rights.

There's a Tea Party movement in England, and one in Australia; will Canadians wake up and take back their rights?  Or will they continue to take smug pride in being able to say "We're not America!", not realizing that if that's all that defines your country*, then we don't want you to be like us anyway.

*Really, Canucks, I love you guys, but what was up with the Vancouver Olympics' opening & closing ceremonies?

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