Wednesday, October 20, 2010

That Guy (or Girl)

Don't be him or her.

Gun Safety Rules are back in the blogosphere.

Bobbi talks about Gun Safety here.

Tamara, ditto.

So do Uncle, Caleb, and Sebastian.  Among others.

FWIW, I first posted about the subject, and Fourrulains v. Threerulians"  here, in December of 2008.  Most of those folks linked to above were blogging (or posting elsewhere, like The Firing Line) long before me, and therefore said their on the subject say long before I did.

Bottom line, I don't think any of us really disagree, despite occasional quibbling (or even squabbling) over terminology.  (Perhaps I should phrase that as "I don't think the people whose opinions I respect and care about would disagree", although that may beg the question...)

I mean, yeah, it is self-evident that the "Fourrulians'" Rule #1, "All  Guns Are Always Loaded", is not true.  My argument, that even if you phrase it as "Always treat all guns as if they were loaded" it's a useless rule because it doesn't actually tell you how to do that, is, I suppose, arguable:  Do you think a safety rule should include procedures, or just state a philosophical guideline?

I think a bigger concern is complacency:  Are you so comfortable with guns, and gun handling, and whichever set of gun safety rules you prefer, that you start to act like an "Only One"?

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