Thursday, November 4, 2010

More from the "Don't Screw this Up" file

On top of concerns that the GOP will once again snatch utter failure from the jaws of opportunity, I now learn that, on November 21st the History Channel will premiere Top Gear, USA.


Rev. Paul said...

I've seen a preview of Top Gear USA ... the fail is strong with this one, unless of course you want to watch them prove why a '74 Caddy isn't a dune buggy.

D.W. Drang said...

Clarkson could make that work... probably. I have no confidence in these clowns.

D.W. said...

They should just have the Brits (Clarkson, etc.) come here and do a series of shows in the states. That could prove to be decent. Otherwise, I'm not interested.

BTW, my fav ep of Top Gear was the one where they were shooting subcompacts into a quarry, trying to hit a travel trailer. One of the cars was a Fiat Panda. I drove one for nearly two years while I was stationed in Germany. I would have loved to do that to mine, even though it was kinda fun to drive (in a terrifying way...).