Friday, February 4, 2011

Washington Arms Collectors Election Time!

Ballots are due no later than March 26, if mailed, or March 27, if dropped off at a WAC show.

Re-posting Joe Waldron's recommendations from his Open Letter I posted a few weeks ago.

It is time to restore sanity, it is time to restore civility, to the leadership of the WAC.  I believe if the board follows its current path, it will lead our club to ruin.
In the next few days you will receive the February issue of the Gun-News.  It will contain your ballot for the 2011 election of WAC’s leadership.  I believe the outcome of THIS ELECTION is as critical to the future of the WAC as the 2010 mid-term and 2012 presidential election will be to the future of the United States as we know it.
I urge you to participate in the electoral process.  I urge you to vote your conscience.
I believe the following individuals, all of whom I have worked with in varying capacities over the past several years, are those BEST SUITED to move WAC forward and restore adult leadership to our club:
President      Leland Bull
Secretary     Woody Mathews
Directors     Bill Burris
                    Alan Gottlieb
                    Rick Verzal
                    Kirby Wilbur
                    Dave Workman
Note the directors I have recommended are listed in alphabetical order.  Each has his own unique background, interests and talents.  Each can make a positive contribution to OUR club.  Again, I believe these individuals are the ONES BEST SUITED to lead the WAC in the coming years.
 Got my February edition of WAC's newsletter, The Gun News, and it listed this slate.  There was one other inserted Paid Advertisement for another candidate for President.

I do find it curious that they decided to run several months' worth of minutes of meetings of the Board of Directors in this issue, "warts and all".


Boyd K said...

The board always encourages members to come to board meetings, when I was on (~9 years) I suspect I could count on the fingers of my hands the times that happened. And it strikes me as a good idea. If you're a member and curious, the next BOD meeting is at the Renton Office this Tuesday (2/8) 7pm. If you're not a member, stop by and join! Address is here:

Guests can offer input before/after but have to be recognized by the chair to be heard on the minutes. -Boyd Kneeland webmaster, education cmte volunteer, etc

Boyd K said...

If anyone here saw flier titled "Membership Alert: WAC in Danger of Take Over". during the 1/22 1/23 Puyallup show, I would appreciate the opportunity to speak with you. Please email me at -Boyd Kneeland Former director, webmaster, education cmte volunteer

D.W. Drang said...

The only flier I saw was the one on the table where Lee Bull was showing off his muzzleloaders. I was too busy trying not to drool on those beauties to read it, but I was already planning to vote for him anyway.