Monday, June 13, 2011

In re: Gunwalker

Sipsey Street Irregulars is following Congressman Issa's investigation, so the Lamestream Media don't have to.

Well, okay, make that "since the Lamestream media won't Sipsey Street is."
David Hardy has more here and here, among others; the second link is from today, post-first hearing, and includes link to the formal presser, which says the next hearing will be on Wednesday, 15 June, at 1000 EDT.

When Congressman Issa is through reaming the Justice Department, he needs to start in on the proliferation of Federales, with an eye to the Federal Hall Monitor's recent raid in Stockton, Ag's raid on Amish farmers who insist on using traditional dairy-product making techniques, and the like.

We'll leave things like the Police War On Photography, and the tendency to act like a simple warrant service = Fallujah, for next year...

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