Monday, June 13, 2011

What? Speak up!

So, Washington HB1016, authorizing the use of suppressors ("silencers", "cans") goes into effect on July 22, 2011.

To celebrate, there will be Suppressor Shoots held at the Kitsap Rifle and Revolver Club on Saturday the 23rd, and at Renton Fish & Game Club on Sunday the 24th.

Gonna be a bunch of vendors at RF&G.  And possibly some shysters Legal Eagles to discuss setting up a Trust, so as to avoid the hassle of trying to convince your local Chief Law Enforcement Officer that there really isn't any reason to deny your request to purchase a safety device.

May have to take a day off from work, I've been wanting a suppressed .22 since the first day Rocky Raccoon and Pogo Possum showed up in the backyard, not to mention (especially) wandering coyotes.
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