Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Wine Blogging--You called it what now?!

Haven't blogged about wine in a while.  Haven't really had any worth blogging about--I mean, when what you are mostly drinking is "2 Buck Chuck" (which costs $2.50 in WA) there's not much point...

So today I wandered into the local Grocery Outlet and had to go see if they had anything noteworthy on the wine shelves.

John Kerr was a door gunner in the Southeast Asia War Games.  According to Wines and Wineries of California's Central Coast (Google Books), he was in the first chopper shot down over Cambodia.  Thus, I suppose, the name.

Now, I never got close to Southeast Asia, but, enlisting in '80 as I did, most of the NCOs, Warrant Officers, and Field Grade officers I knew were, and most of the rest were "Viet Nam Era" veterans.  And I can tell you that none of them ever indicated that "Cambodian Red" referred to the color of the dirt there...

But, what the hell.  A percentage of the proceeds sale of this syrah (or "shiraz", if you prefer--same grape) goes to a fund for veterans of Viet Nam. Which is a Good Thing.

The wine:  My palate is not as well-developed as it should be for wine reviews--part of the reason I don't do this more often--but it is a rather robust syrah.  It may well overpower the ravioli I'm having for dinner.

But I will not be deterred.

UPDATE:  Pretty good, actually.  Mrs. Drang took a sip, decided she wanted some, which  surprised me a little.

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