Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Gun Blogger Rendezvous VI is coming!

But I'm not going.  Mrs. Drang says we have to go to Kauai for her birthday.  Darn.


As part of house "blogkeeping" I have consolidated my GBR V entries in the sidebar into the two previous posts, and then added them to what was the GBR IV item there, and is now just GBR. All the information should still be there. (This of course negates this post from lat year: New Blogroll--Update.)

Mr. Completely sent this message out:
...Pre-registrations are coming in, but we need to encourage a lot more folks to attend to make it all worth the effort and to be able to continue to attract sponsors, and in the end, raise money for Project Valour-IT.

We will have at least three guns to give away in the raffle, and possibly four, plus other cool stuff too. The NRA is buying us Breakfast on Friday morning, GunUp is going to buy us dinner on Friday Night, and NSSF is buying us pizza on Saturday night. Registration is still only $30 per person, so you make that back just in free food, even before the door prizes!
You do NOT need to be a Blogger to attend! Especially on Saturday night, lots of folks who are more-or-less local show up to eat the National Shooting Sports Foundation's pizza and win sweet schwag in the raffle--note the "three or four guns" in Mr. C's message above...

Although, obviously, being there the whole weekend and eating the NRA's breakfast Friday morning and GunUp's BBQ Friday night would be cool, too.  And, hey, since you're there, why not let a teenage girl out-shoot you, too?


Mr. Completely said...

Thanks for mentioning the Rendezvous! Sorry to hear you can't make it this year, we'll miss you. I'll just have to do my best to eat extra pizza and BBQ for you.......

Maybe next year!

Mr. C.

Drang said...

Yeah, I'll just have to console myself with an extra snorkeling trip or something...

GG said...

WHAT??!! You're not coming? This is terrible. You are one of the people who really helped me get through my first GBR.

Have fun on your wife's birthday trip, but know you'll be missed.