Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Some Gun Blogger Rendezvous Memories

Some more-or-less random pics from GBR IV and V.
Me shooting the Springfield 1911 I didn't win in the raffle...

Me shooting Kevin's S&W Model 25

Bea--True Blue Sam's mom
Chuck with Project Valour IT laptop

Quick Cal demonstrates Cowboy Fast Draw

Rick's from Texas, can you tell?

Molly and Keewee.

GG with Derek's AR

Allen,with Rick's KRIS

Rick let me shoot his Thompson!

GG with Kevin's 1911

GG with my S&W 625

Lori checks out the competition...

This one is "real"--full auto and everything...

Dirt Crashr's Krag--I think that thing's longer than a Mosin!

I never did get all my video from last year's Cowboy Fast Draw sorted out, maybe in my copious free time...

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