Monday, August 8, 2011

While I was working...

...--and having a rather rotten time of, BTW, but never mind that--the S&P, as everybody knows, downgraded the US Government from a AAA rating to AA+.*

His Imperial Majesty Barack Hussein "Hindmost" Obama promptly spent the weekend golfing.

This morning, after three days, he made a speech.

And while he resisted the urge to accuse us of having settled into a great malaise, which to the Chinese was described as "The Emperor Has Lost The Mandate of Heaven", he did blame "political gridlock" for the downgrade.

This from a guy who gets petulant and stomps out of meetings when people disagree with him, who's definition of "compromise" is "You guys must do things my way", and was told by his own party to go away and don't come back!

Not to mention his own budget recommendation was such a shit sandwich it garnered ZERO "yea" votes in the Democratic controlled Senate.

Gridlock.  Right.

Meanwhile, the political talking point amongst HIMBO's fellow jackasses is that this is the "Tea Party Downgrade."  Because, obviously, the people responsible for the action are those people who have been doing the most to try and prevent it.

The related talking point, of course, is that the "members of Tea Party" are a bunch of terrorists, strapping explosive vests to the Capitol (what???) and holding the country hostage. Because, obviously (again), advocating sound financial practices and an adherance to the Constitution are the moral equivalent of blowing up school buses full of handicapped children in the name of whatever lunatic 'ism you follow.

I have no great love for the GOP, and the RNC can KMA, largely because they work at being The Party of Stupid; too make matters worse, many of them also try too hard to work hand in hand with the jackass party, which truly does seem to earn the title Party of Evil.

*No links this time.  Bingoogle 'em if you want.  If you're unaware of any of these events in general, you're probably on some Combat Outpost somewhere, in which case why are you wasting your precious internet time reading me?

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