Friday, September 9, 2011

Tab Clearance, Special Thuggery Edition

Kept meaning to get to these, but other stuff got in the way.
Hoffa on tea party, congressional conservatives: ‘Let’s take these sons of bitches out!’ | The Daily Caller

Bobi's thoughts: Teamsters President Rant, which led me to What a union 'take out' looks like - The Week.
If James Hoffa were to say that he intended to take me out, I'd up my insurance coverage.
Personally, I think the best insurance here would be  something in .45ACP, with at least two reloads,in Condition Orange.

Meanwhile, neither His Imperial Majesty nor any of his henchmen seem to have any problem with this interpretation of his call for "A new era of civility":  Barack Obama | Labor Day Message | Labor Unions | The Daily Caller

As for Mr. Hoffa, AKA (here at Neue Schloss Drang) as "Thug, Son of Thug", well, ISTR that they paved I275 and I696 shortly after Thug, Senior, disappeared.  He might not dare stop playing hardball, but it might still bite him on the ass...

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