Friday, September 9, 2011

Short notice

The Seattle Tea Party says that
Other upcoming events
1. James Hoffa - infamous Teamsters Chief that just declared war on the tea party - will be in Puyallup on Friday, Sept. 9, at 2:00 pm. From the Pierce County TP groups:

Mr. Hoffa is in town for a visit tomorrow in Puyallup. He is giving a speech at the Puyallup Recreation Center @ 2pm. We at Pierce County Tea Party put out a notice of his visit and the response has been sizable for a Tea Party "Meet N Greet" for Mr.Hoffa. We would love for all those wanting to express their disdain for his uncivil rhetoric on Labor Day towards the Patriots of the United States of America to come out and show him what CIVILITY looks like. After his speech he is walking across the street to the Fred Meyer Distribution Center as there is no new contract yet for 300-500 employees there.

The address for the Rec. Center is 808 Valley Ave. NW, Puyallup. Across Valley Ave is the Fred Meyer Dist. Center. At this time we are planning to meet at the Rec. Center @ 1pm.
This is a protest against Hoffa NOT the Union!!! We want to give him a good ol' fashion Pierce County Tea Party SOB welcome!

Bring signs, Flags and cameras. I'll bet the media will be there.

Ideas for signs:
Proud American SOB
Welcome to the NEW Civility
Hoffa Your Union Deserves Better
Proud to be an SOB
(Keli's note: I would also think about holding a sign pointing out the fact that we don't actually take hostages, unlike the union members in Longview...)

Again, we are not protesting the union, but Hoffa's unacceptable words of hate and suggested violence against fellow Americans. We have no position on the disagreement between the union and Kroger. But support the unions right to free speech and to protest their issues. Please keep signs focused on Hoffa, bring video cameras.