Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas Dinner

Except, since I was working Sunday, Christmas Day, it was actually Boxing Day Dinner.  The sacrifices we make...

Three-rib roast, baby potatoes, asparagus,
and bait I mean fish eggs I mean caviar as an appetizer.

Yalumba Hills Shiraz/Vigonier blend, 2008
This is a strawberry liqueur Mrs. Drang made last year. 
Pretty strong at first, it has mellowed with age.  Unlike me.
Who knew roasts of beast now come with
those stupid little pop-up doneness indicators? 
We used a thermometer, just to be sure...
To our surprise, we only had one cat circling the table during the appetizer stage--Sparrowbane, who is responsible for any typos, since he's "helping" with my typing--and one during the actual beats part. That was Ratbane, and I'm not sure he wasn't angling for going outside, not roast beast scraps. Don't know how much beast scraps there may be for kitties later, but I doubt there will be much in the way of fish eggs for them; Mrs. Drang may work in the seafood industry, but she doesn't get that much of it.

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