Friday, February 3, 2012

His lips are moving... he must be lying: Holder: No Cover-up In 'Fast And Furious,' No Effort To Hide Details Of The Operation | Fox News

Honestly, I don't care if he knew about it. It doesn't matter whether he knew about it.  He's the Senior, the Chief, Law Enforcement Officer in the United States.
This was a fiasco. Not only was it a travesty, but, contrary to what the various news media reports constantly say, it was not a "botched" operation: It was running exactly the way it was supposed to run.

So, Holder needs to be impeached, the ATFEIEIO needs to be disbanded, and Holder and everyone who were affiliated in any way whatsoever with Fast and Furious and it's ilk in other cities need to be fired, barred from any form of government employment whatsoever for life. They should not be allowed to be school crossing guards.

Gecko45 should use their job applications as toilet paper.

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