Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Trauma Kit

Lately there have been a few posts on medical kits, and especially trauma or "blow out" kits for range trips.  (Looks like Carteach went for a more comprehensive approach than I)

This is the kit I put together for my range gear, which is very close to ones I've put together for our "Bug Out Bags."

Condor Rip-Away EMT Pouch, front view.  Top of pouch is to right; velcro patch for name patch, or allergy information, or, I suppose, morale patches.  (Still waiting for Mil-spec Monkey to make a "Clue Meter" patch, I can't understand why they don't...)
PALS webbing at bottom for MOLLE attachments, or to hold items with clips.

Side view. Not a lot of detail in this pic, but you can get an idea of the depth of it.

Back view. The back of the pouch itself is covered by velcro-type hook side; this picture shows the back "rip away pane", which has velcro-style loop fabric on one side, and PALS webbing for attachment to MOLLE gear on the other. Again, the top of the pouch is to the right, showing the carrying handle.  There are also a pair of d-rings, so you can clip it to a shoulder strap if you want to carry it that way.

Here the rip-away panel is separated from the pouch; the panel stays attached to your bag or pack. On our BOBs, we can just grab the trauma pack if we need it. The strap seen in the front view is attached to the rip-away panel, to keep the two halves from separating when not wanted.

The pouch opened up.

Top panel. Two pockets, three elastic loops. Quikclot in one pocket, first aid manual in other.  The elastic loops usually hold a couple of "rescue blankets."

Middle panel.  Another pocket with a pack of Quickclot, an Israeli bandage, and some kerlix-sytle gauze.

This shows that the smaller loops of elastic on this panel are attached to a large sleeve.  I don't actually have anything there, right now, I just put the QuickClot there for the picture.

Bottom section is a zippered mesh pocket which holds some single-use pouches of Neosporin and some band-aids. (Includes butterfly, knuckle, and fingertip bandaids.)
Not shown: Gauze pads, pencil, notebook, and bandage scissors.

Not included:  Cell phone, source of fire, duct tape.  This kit is intended for use when and where I'll have other sources for those.  No SAM Splints, ditto.  Also, no "Bolin Chest Seal" or similar device which I don't know how to use.

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Theresa said...

That trauma kit looks like it has all the accessories to make it complete. I think I am going to need one once I try out my purchase from The Best Crossbow Sale out there in the wild. Who knows when accidents will happen.