Thursday, July 19, 2012

Today's redundancy of the day

Speaking of His Imperial Majesty's lifting of Elizabeth Warren's "You aren't responsible for your successes" line, NotClauswitz* said
He’s trotted-out the inane Elizabeth Warren ‘social contract’ drivel, which is really the babblings of a{n} economically illiterate Socialist.
There are economically literate Socialists?

*AKA "The blogger formerly known as 'DirtCrashr'".


Richard Blaine said...

Depends on what 'is' is.

If by literate you mean actually understands the long term ramifications of: then, no that would be a Null Operator.

Socialists always seem to think that they can have all the benefits of a free market, with out actually having a free market (or even a caged one).

NotClauswitz said...

They're literate like a hyper-thyroid child with a big vocabulary who likes to hear himself talk and won't shut-up. (*cough Paul Krugman cough*) :-)