Tuesday, September 18, 2012

GBR Miscellany

Thoughts and stuff, from the road or in Reno.

*There is no real reason why speed limits should be set at 55, or 60, 65, etc., for the vast majority of two-and-more-lane roads. The yobbos on Top Gear are always talking smack about how "American cars can't corner", which is a crock, but they have a point: Most American roads are fairly straight and level, with gentle enough curves to not be a challenge to most drivers. Weather, traffic, and visibility permitting (i.e., not at night), the speed limit could reasonably be set at 70 or 80 MPH. (See also: SayUncle » No reason not to)

*This makes the third Gun Blogger Rendezvous I've driven to in 4 years, plus a long weekend in Klamath Falls, OR, which is on the way, plus numerous trips to and from Oregon to visit rs. Drang's family down there, and this is the first time I've seen actual construction work going on in any construction zone in Oregon. Good job, Beaver State!

*Sponsors I'd like to see at GBR: 
*Speaking of sponsors, we had so many caps donated this time everyone could easily have gone home with half a dozen or more, including two or three--or more!--of the exact same cap.  How about patches, stickers, coffee cups...?

*People I'd like to meet at GBR:  Tam, Bobbi, LawDog, Double-Tapper, Mr. Free Market (too bad he had to drop the blog), Robb Allen, Nancy R., Larry Correia, Glenn Reynolds, John Ringo, Tom Kratman, Michael Z. Williamson.  (An announcement that some of those are attending would also lead to Standing Room Only... Which means more money for Soldier's Angels Project Valour IT!)

*Things I'd like to see at GBR:
  • If the Nevada Concealed Carry course were available, I'd consider arriving a day early or staying a day late to take it.
  • Full Auto.  Machine guns.  Happy switches!  There was a flyer at the Washoe County range announcing a full-auto shoot the weekend before we were there.  Full auto fire, of course, is a great way to turn money to noise, but it's great fun, so this might be another way to raise money for Soldier's Angels.
  • Wi-fi in the Hospitality Suite.  At $300+ a day, that would need to be donated by either the Silver Legacy or a sponsor.

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