Tuesday, September 18, 2012

QOTD, 08/18/12

View From The Porch: I'm sorry I made you riot.: Rolling onto his back to expose his soft belly and slightly widdling himself in shame, professional self-loather Brian D. McLaren writes...

But that's not the QOTD.  This is:
Actually, "Islamophobia" may not be an accurate term at all, since "-phobia" describes fear that is irrational or out of proportion, when it has been shown over and over that a fear of Muslims losing their collective $#!+ in an orgy of burning, looting, and killing in response to "insults" that might not even be sufficient do draw more than a "Yeah? So's your mom!" in response on any civilized elementary school playground is grounded in, not just historic example, but a clear-headed grasp of current events.

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