Thursday, September 13, 2012

GBR Pics-- Saturday

Ashley Varner shooting, "Millisecond" Molly Smith times.  All Friday night Ashley was moaning and groaning about how she was going to embarrass herself.
Not so much.  
I decided to up the ante and draw from the holster instead of starting from the "Low Ready".   That's my excuse for how poorly I did. 
Molly and her Steel Challenge friend, Mickey, watch me cover myself in ignominy.  Well, OK, I wasn't that bad...
But I'm pretty sure I was the "last place winner."  Here I demonstrate a  not-so-speedy reload.  Between stages.  I hope.
My contribution to the door prizes/raffle Saturday night.  There were 8 or 9 of those  "1911" bumper stickers.
While waiting for the pizza to arrive Saturday night, Molly hit the slot machines or something...  (Actually, I think it was one of those crane things. She had a stuffed duck, too.  I didn't realize she was a University of Oregon fan...) (Anyway, those are coupons for prizes.)
I left without going to the Cowboy Action Shooting Sunday morning, because I wanted to get the 12 hour drive over with.  When I pulled into Neue Schloss Drang that night, I was wiped out.

I do have videos, I'll try and get them posted to my You Tube channel, and see if there are any worth posting here.

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