Saturday, September 1, 2012


The View From North Central Idaho - Quote of the day—Brennan Bailey:
Hollow points are evil because they're made to inflict maximum damage upon soft flesh. Jacketed rounds are evil because they're designed for military use, and penetrate armor. Lead rounds are evil because they poison our beloved vultures. Non-lead rounds are evil because they start fires and/or penetrate armor.
In response to concerns over the innate evilness of so much of their product line, in January of this year ammunition manufacturer ATK/Teksystems began investigating the possibility of crafting bullets exclusively from puppy love and rainbows, to be dubbed their new PLRB line of politically sensitive ammunition.
Read the whole thing. Really. You owe it to yourself. From an email list at work. I wonder of Joe's employer is hiring. I can sweep, mop, clean terlets, and I think I still have the Expert Buffer Operator Badge I got in Basic.

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Ry Jones said...

There are openings, just not in your neck of the woods. If you're serious send me email