Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Come See The Bias Inherent In The System!

The Hill reports that
Vice President Biden will meet this week with the National Rifle Association and a variety of other groups as his task force on guns intensifies its efforts.
Biden will meet Wednesday with gun-safety organizations and shooting victims groups and on Thursday will meet with gun ownership organizations and sportsmen who use guns recreationally, according to the White House.
Did you catch that? Sheriff Joe is meeting with Gun Safety Organizations on Wednesday and Gun Ownership Organizations on Thursday
My comment
Your bias is showing. The National Rifle Association is the largest Firearms Safety organization in the world. I'm not aware of any firearms safety education or training conducted by the Brady Bunch, or the Violence Policy Center, or Mayor Bloomberg and his posse--who, by the way, have a far higher rate of criminal convictions than NRA members. Therefore, the obvious conclusion of paragraph two is that Biden will meet with the NRA twice, once Wednesday, and again on Thursday.
Comments seem to be running against gun control.

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