Tuesday, January 8, 2013

NOTICE! Amazon-Associate Gun Bloggers!

Seattle's gun buyback program: Give a gun, get an Amazon gift card | Local & Regional | Seattle News, Weather, Sports, Breaking News | KOMO News
SEATTLE (AP) - Hoping to do something - anything - in response to mass shootings in Seattle and elsewhere, Seattle police and political leaders on Tuesday announced a new gun buyback program in which people can anonymously turn in their weapons for a shopping gift card worth up to $200.

The effectiveness of such programs has been debated, but they very well might save lives, supporters said, and at worst can't do any harm.

"By taking these measures today, we are certainly preventing senseless tragedies," King County Executive Dow Constantine told a news conference at Mount Zion Baptist Church in Seattle. "How many? That will never be known."
How about "none"? How about "If only I hadn't traded my gun for $100 dollars worth of mp3 downloads, I could have prevented the rape torture and murder fof my neighbor"?
Amazon.com, which has been expanding its headquarters in Seattle, kicked in $30,000 in Amazon gift cards - $100 for each handgun, rifle or shotgun turned in, and $200 for each gun classified as an assault weapon under state law. In an emailed statement, the company said only that it thanked Seattle Mike McGinn for the invitation to participate and that it was happy to do so.
Last time I looked, Washington State law does not have a legal definition for an "assault weapon"...
Stupid dork libtards.

KOMO actually quotes one of The Good Guys:
...Dave Workman, senior editor at The Gun Mag, a publication of the Second Amendment Foundation, described such programs as political theater that doesn't make anyone safer.

He pointed to a 2004 study by the National Research Council. It questioned the effectiveness of such programs, saying the weapons typically turned in are those least likely to be used in criminal activities, guns are so readily available that the programs have little practical effect, and with tens of millions of handguns in circulation in the U.S., the odds any particular weapon will be used in a crime are minuscule.

"We've had a history of these gun buybacks around the country, and they really haven't done anything," Workman said.
I have to admit I'm tempted to see if I have anything that is non-functional and not worth repairing...


Anonymous said...

If I was an amazon stockholder I'd be freaking out. If I had some old clapped out Jennings frame I'd stripped for parts, I'd go get me a $!00 gift certificate.

Is there any reason I / we / some pawn shop can't go down to the site with a big banner and a big stack of $20 and outbid these fools? When Mosin Nagants are going for $200-300, there's gotta be some markup to be made. (Guess you'd have to be a dealer to buy handguns, eh?)
-Erik from Seattle

StukaPilot said...

The globalist-Left isn't stupid. By and by, they intend to do a Ukraine on the middle class and then on all non-stateist Whites. To do so, they must first disarm us. Rational argumentation is irrelevant; this about the Will to Power.

Brigid said...

Yes Sir, there's another $125 Spanish Mauser in 7.72mm NATO that's not going to be used to shoot up the town folks.