Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Protest the IRS!

Email from the Seattle Tea Party Patriots:
Seattle Tea Party Patriots,
ACTION ALERT !! Short notice

Size matters count, so lets make it count!  Spend your lunch time tomorrow saving the country with the rest of the nation. Let's not get personal with Obama on this protest. Please keep the signs focused on the IRS and on the same page as the TPP.

When-Tues, 5/21 NOON, at your local IRS office.
Seattle- 2nd and Jackson.
Tacoma- 1200 Pacific Ave.
Bellevue- 520 112th Ave NE.
Everett- 3020 Rucker Ave.
Kitsap- Silverdale 9657 Levi Rd NW
Bellingham- 114 W. Magnolia St.

Spokane- 920 W. Riverside Ave.

Tea Party Patriots: Rein in the IRS - Tuesday, May 21 @ Noon
Ever since the IRS scandal broke, we have heard numerous stories from around the country about Tea Party, 9/12, Patriot groups, and even individuals who feel they were unfairly targeted by the IRS. This type of abuse cannot be tolerated and so we are calling for nationwide protests tomorrow, May 21, 2013 at 12pm noon at local IRS offices. We'd like to give a hat tip to groups in Cincinnati who began planning the first IRS protest - due to the Cincinnati IRS location being outed as the division that was heading up the discrimination tactics. We are extremely excited that so many around the country are joining in solidarity. Will you stand with us tomorrow? Click to find the location nearest you.
You can access a page with all of the information at the Tea Party Patriots Citizens Fund website.
You can also download the tool kit here:
  1. Talking Points
  2. Sample Letter to the Editor
  3. Sample Letter to Senator
  4. Sample Tweets
  5. Infographic Showing the IRS Scandal Timeline
  6. A sample Press Release – IRS Abuse of Power
  7. Sample Sign Messages for Protest
  8. Sample Blog Post
  9. Sample Press Release – IRS Protests
Focus on the Reason to Protest Tomorrow
As tomorrow nears, it is important for us to stay focused on the message. With everything that is going on - Benghazi, Amnesty, DOJ/AP scandal, IRS scandal - it is easy to try to point to specifics. What all of this shows us is that BIG GOVERNMENT policies do not work. Dana Loesch wrote an excellent piece on this today at RedState. Click to read the post.

Thanks again for all of your support.
-National Tea Party Patriots Support Team

In Liberty,
Mark Young and Greg Moon
Seattle Tea Party Patriots
Keli Tea Party Patriots
I'll be working, alas, and nowhere near an IRS office, nor able to "get away" at Noon. I hope we can get enough nationwide to make an impression. 

Honestly, this targeting of political opponents by government agencies is egregious enough that OFA, the Purple People Beaters, and #Occupy should be participating, too.

But I bet they don't.

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