Saturday, May 18, 2013

Seen in The City (My The City)

On the way home from the Armed Forces Day event at Ft Lewis today -- pics and maybe even video to follow, maybe tomorrow -- we passed by the local Merchant of Death (that Mrs. Drang spoke of in Bang!) and spotted several large, cheery banners proclaiming SALE!!1!

Pulled a u-ie in the lot of a local apartment complex (don't tell!) and went back to see.  Very crowded.  Including the previously empty wall racks and, significantly, the hooks on the back wall that held the Evil Black Rifles -- all full again.  Also shelves in the glass cabinets.

Guns, guns, guns, all over the place.  And the prices look to be about where they were 6 months ago, too.  (Still not a lot of ammo, though, and that still ain't cheap.)

Coon-fingered a 22/45 w/threaded barrel and top and bottom picatinney rails.  Seems like just the thing for varmints; we are pretty sure there's a coyote den in the 'hood...

Chatted with the head instructor from the range, compared stories.  Will probably be taking some classes there, myself, hopefully at least some with Mrs. Drang.  (I want to check out their home defense and "tactical shotgun" courses.)  I'm also thinking about doing their carbine league.

(Some tell me they think this place is 'way too expensive, and they prefer West Coast Armory; WCA may be better, but it's so far away I can't convince myself that the price point is worth it.)

Leaving, Mrs. Drang spotted her new "wheels":

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