Sunday, July 14, 2013

Good Idea

Seen at chrishernandezauthor: The magazine-shaped cleaning kit.

The MS Clean: Magazine shaped cleaning kit - RECOIL
{Yes, I agree, RECOIL Magazine screwed up when they posted crap about us mere peasants having access to any politically incorrect guns.  Still...}

Issue cleaning kits suck.  You either have the stuff rattling around the buttstock of your rifle -- if your rifle has a buttstock storage space -- or you have a silly nylon pouch that holds everything, but is inconvenient to carry.  (Or you have an after-market kit that uses a pull-through, which is useless for clearing jams; a full-length cleaning rod can be used to clear brass from a chamber or a squib round from the barrel.)

The idea here is to make a cleaning kit that is the same dimensions of an M16 magazine, and will fit into a pouch for the same.  It will not fit into a mag well; prudence dictates that the kit not be carried in a pouch with real magazines; that's easy enough, single magazine pouches are fairly common.

Kickstarter* for this idea.


*In case you are unfamiliar with Kickstarter:  What is Kickstarter — Kickstarter

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