Sunday, July 14, 2013

Sure are a lot of frakin' idiots out there...

Rallies large and small follow Zimmerman verdict

Trayvon Martin = Emmett Till?  Really?

And I just lost whatever respect I may have had left for the NAACP:
The NAACP... called for federal civil rights charges against Zimmerman
In Miami, more than 200 people gathered for a vigil. "You can't justify murder," read one poster.
Either the concept of "self-defense" has escaped them, or they have separate definitions based on... Oh, I don't know, the amount of melanin in ones epidermis?
Carol Reitner, 76, of Miami, said she heard about the vigil through an announcement at her church Sunday morning. "I was really devastated. It's really hard to believe that someone can take the life of someone else and walk out of court free," she said.
And would she have felt this way if she had happened to read (on page B-7 of the local fish-wrap) that Trayvon Martin had bashed George Zimmerman's head in?

Meanwhile, apparently there was supposed to be a rally in downtown Seattle this evening in support of "Justice for Trayvon."

No riots anywhere that I have heard, but I bet you could start one by suggesting that that's what we got...

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