Monday, September 30, 2013

Government Shutdown #'s 1-17

The Washington ComPost takes a look.  And has fun naming them. (Note that a change in the interpretation of The Rules early in the 1980s changed the impact of a failure to produce a budget/appropriations bill/Continuing Resolution.)

Interesting to look at which party was in control of which house at the time...

Interestingly enough, Jimmeh Cahtuh seems to have serious issues.  Ronald Reagan did, too, although from 1981-1990, the shutdowns all seem to have lasted from 24-72 hours...

The longest "shutdown" was the last one previous, under Billy Jeff Clinton, which lasted 25 days, from Dec. 5, 1995 to Jan. 6, 1996.

It may be worth noting that this one caused the White House to bring in a bunch of unpaid interns to fill the positions of laid-off staffers.

Yes, it's true, a government shutdown gave us Monica Lewinsky.

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