Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Interesting NY Times article on the Nairobi Mall Attack

During Siege at Kenyan Mall, Government Forces Seemed Slow to Respond -
Within minutes... gun club members, neighborhood watch volunteers, off-duty police officers and other armed Samaritans rushed to the mall. 

The Kenyan government is coming in for massive criticism.  Some of it may be undeserved and unrealistic.  But what really strikes me is this summed up in this quote:
There was no shortage of valor or self-sacrifice that day at the mall. The gun club members and off-duty officers helped rescue hundreds of terrified shoppers.
Abdul Haji, a local businessman, drove “like crazy, even on the wrong side of the road,” to get to the Westgate mall, where his brother had texted him to say he was hiding in a bathroom. The son of a former Kenyan defense minister, Mr. Haji had a licensed Ceska handgun and a full clip of ammunition.
The first people Mr. Haji saw when he arrived were volunteer members of a neighborhood watch patrol, equipped with walkie-talkies, bulletproof vests and handguns. Some had received {a} text message from {a gun club} member {who had been a bank in the mall} who was afraid for his safety to have his full name published.

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